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Teaching Fractions With Food: A Sweet Math Treat!

Teaching fractions–to first graders?! You heard me correctly. I am always up for a challenge, so when fractions were added to our teaching standards a couple of years ago, I knew I had to get the creative juices flowing. As it turns out, the kids fall in LOVE with fractions every year. I have a sneaking suspicion that the correlation between fractions and many fraction-able foods is no small coincidence–let’s take a look at one of many fraction treats we enjoy in the classroom:


For this activity, you will need soft-baked chocolate chip cookies (or another cookie of your choosing–but soft-baked works best for easy cutting!), plastic knives for each student, and an appetite for cookies–lots and lots of cookies! Okay, in reality, each student received two. But since you’re the teacher, feel free to take as many as you would like 😉
There are many different activities you can do with cookies and fractions but on this specific day, we munched and matched using this sheet, which is part of my Fresh Baked Fractions pack:



We started by cutting the most simple of fractions. First, we cut our cookies into halves:



As we cut, we matched the picture to the fraction on our page. We discovered that by cutting the cookie in half AGAIN, we magically created fourths! Each time we cut a fraction, we matched it on the page. Once we cut fourths, we moved onto our new cookie to dive into a more tricky task—cutting thirds.



This photo captures the valiant effort of one of my kiddos. Sometimes, it’s tough being in first grade! Once one of my little “smart cookies” pointed out that the cookie cut into thirds resembled a peace sign, it became a bit easier for us. Then came…sixths. Now, sixths are not included in the first grade standards but since we had already cut thirds, we thought, “Why the heck not?” and agreed to cut this “challenge fraction” verryyyy carefully. It became a bit crumbly, but we did it!



Then came the fun part–eating! The kids gobbled up those cookies faster than you could say “fractions.” All in all, a fun, fantastic activity. But then again, when food is involved, how can it NOT be fun? What fraction activities do you do in your room? I’d love to hear about them!


If you’d like more cookie fraction activities (write the room, pocket chart math, and MORE!), check out my Fresh Baked Fractions pack in my TPT store.


Thanks so much for stopping by! Now, go get yourself some cookies and a glass of milk—I know you want some 😉



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