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This *One* Crucial Digital Game Will Transform Your Classroom!

I really must warn you. Before you choose to play Knockout, there is something you should know: once you play this digital game, your kids will beg to play every. single. day. I am not exaggerating; I have experienced this Knockout phenomenon firsthand, but ALSO: it is the number one piece of feedback I receive from teachers all over the world who have tried this digital game in their classroom. Check it out for yourself here.

So, Knockout. It’s really quite simple.

What do we need to play?

To play, you need a white surface for projecting and some kids. Easy, right? An interactive board is not required for this digital game.

Most games come in PowerPoint presentations and PDF versions; be sure to read the product description so you know what program you may need to run the game.

If you aren’t sure the digital game will work with the equipment in your classroom, make sure to download the FREE Knockout game first.

How do we play?

First, line your class up into 2 single-file lines facing the whiteboard.

When it is time to begin, show your class the introduction slide.

Display the first digital game slide. The students who lead each line will call out their answers. The first of those 2 players to answer first and correctly returns to the end of her line and stays in the game. The player of those 2 who answers last and/or incorrectly is out and sits next to his line in the cheering section.

Play continues in this fashion until one of the special slides is shown. Knockout has a few curveballs in the form of these slides:

What do the special slides mean?

Knockout: Player is out of the game automatically; sits in her team’s cheering section.

Free Pass: Player stays in the game automatically; sits at the end of his line.

Pick a Pal: Player chooses a teammate from her cheering section to return to the game; both players sit at the end of their line.

How does a team win?

A team wins Knockout when it has players remaining in the game while the opposing team does not.

It can get very intense, but in the most fun way! Kids are so motivated to master skills due to Knockout. Knockout is also a great opportunity to model and teach sportsmanship skills such as teamwork and a positive attitude.


What do you do if there is a tie?

If students answer correctly at the same time, I will flip to the next slide to use as the tie-breaking decision. Sometimes, we have a few ties in a row, and this only adds to the excitement in the room!

What behaviors do you expect from your students when they play Knockout?

Generally, I expect students who are not currently taking their turn to be seated on their bottoms, eyes on the screen, and no talking. Of course, there will be bursts of excitement and nervous whispers, but students should learn that a certain atmosphere is required for Knockout: one that encourages concentration but also silent participation as students think of the correct answer in their heads.

If students shout out the answer or whisper it to a teammate, that player is automatically out of the game for the rest of play.

I also use this time to praise or practice various sportsmanship behaviors; often times, Knockout serves as a social lesson in being a good loser, supporting your teammates, not overdoing the cheering (AKA practicing a “silent celebration”), and so on!

Is this game editable?

Within each game, you are able to rearrange the order of the slides. You may also delete or duplicate any slides you wish. I do not sell or offer an editable template to create your own game.

What other Knockout games do you have?

There are many, many games for K-3. Click HERE for a full list or view below:


Language Arts:

Need specific grade levels? Check them out here:

*****OR, purchase them ALL TOGETHER in a MEGA BUNDLE!*****

Other (Seasonal, Supplemental Resources, & More!)

Have SO much fun and please leave a comment to let me know about what games you’d like to see in the future!

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