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Sub Plans Are Ruining My Life

It’s true. And if we are being technical here, I should say: Sub plans WERE ruining my life. I’ve always been a Last Minute Lucy, and would suffer through DAYS leading up to my absence with this storm cloud of unwritten sub plans following me everywhere I went. Painful, I tell you.

[And can we talk about the UNPLANNED absences?! Trying to juggle whatever mess is causing our absence AND somehow producing half-coherent plans AND orchestrating the copying of said plans and materials, usually at 5:30 A.M….it’s all quite unpleasant].

“Enough!” I said to myself one night (except it probably was a different word if we are being honest).

I’ll skip the boring parts, BUT, the exciting part is that I came up with a solution and it relieved about a gajillion pounds of stress from my life. Check it out:

sub plan binder with dry erase marker

It’s true ya’ll.


paperless sub plan binder with sticky notes

Any day you are absent, any of these activities can be used [even if they were already done!]. If you are planning an absence, you can circle the plans you’d like completed. If you are unexpectedly absent, your sub can choose the plans.

paperless sub plan binder with photo examples

Once an activity is picked, a quick turn of the page reveals detailed lesson plans for each choice.


paperless sub plan binder with easy prep examples

All lessons involve very little or no prep. Sometimes, the sub might have to get supplies from the sub bin or remove a page from the binder’s Appendix. In addition, some activities require a simple anchor chart or writing frame so the teacher can model the activity. No other prep or work required!

REUSABLE SUB PLANSpaperless sub plan binder with reusable plans examples

Pages are physically reusable if you plan to use dry erase markers or sticky notes to write in the plans. The content of the plans is also reusable. Activities give students flexibility to complete them differently each time around.

paperless sub plan binder with dry erase marker

When you get this beauty, you’ll edit it to make it fit your needs (you’ll need PowerPoint) and print it out. Then, slip the pages in plastic sheet protectors. This part will seem arduous, but this is the part that makes it worth it.

In addition to lesson plans, you get tons of other necessary pages too:

paperless sub plan binder with digital option examples paperless sub plan binder with student information pages paperless sub plan binder with procedures and expectations and schedules paperless sub plan binder with emergency and medical information examples paperless sub plan binder with editable covers, lunch and attendance forms, and student awards

XOXO Peace, love, and sub plans.

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  1. r
    July 26, 2018 / 2:40 pm

    I look at the sub plan info.
    It looks really interesting and helpful. However, I still am not clear on what parts are editable.
    Are you able to help clarify which pages are editable for me?

    • Erin Waters
      July 31, 2018 / 12:29 pm

      Hi! All parts are editable. You can change any text or formatting you want. In a few pages, there are clip art images that are not editable due to copyright, but that is the only off-limits content 🙂

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