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10 Morning Meeting Activities Kids Are Bound to Love

One of my favorite quotes of all time is “If you want students to move mountains you must first let them get out of their chairs”. And to that, I say preach. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons I love morning meeting oh so much-becausd of its abiito to do justhat. Get students out of seats, get them moving–but also building a classroom community. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Today I’m bringing you 10 morning meeting activities ideas that you can cycle through in your own classroom meetings. You can download this free printable morning meeting activities list here or just screen shot it or bookmark it for future reference!

Morning Meeting Activity #1: The Voice

This is an outside-the-box morning meeting activity idea. I love it because it encourages teamwork, attention to detail, and knowing your classmates well enough.

Morning Meeting Activity #2: Mystery Number

This concept can work with more than numbers, but I love this one because the concept is universal. It wins brownie points for reinforcing academic skills!

Morning Meeting Activity #3: The Hot Seat

Kids love asking questions just as much as they love to talk. Even better? Kids asking other kids questions. This one gets really fun 🙂

Morning Meeting Activity #4: Teacher Hot Seat

Not to be outdone by #3, Teacher Hot Seat is when students get to ask their burning questions. Make sure you definitely have a notebook in your morning meeting toolbox, because you will have some gems to share.

Morning Meeting Activity #5: Categories

This is a personal favorite of mine, and I think it’s because of its versatility. Categorizing and putting things into groups is a skill students need anyway, so gamifying it is a win all around.

Morning Meeting Activity #6: Group Story

Strengthen student storytelling with this gem of a morning meeting activity. You can do this seasonally by telling a scary story for Halloween, for example. Record these stories to share with parents!

Morning Meeting Activity #7: Exercise Class

Like I started this out, movement is #goals in the classroom. I know your options are limited but you can be sure to get some wiggles out in a safe way.

Morning Meeting Activity #8: Secret Sort

Students love solving this real-life mystery. Give it a try and see just how clever your students are!

Morning Meeting Activity #9: A Day In the Life

This one is fun! Students love hearing what others eat for breakfast, do after school, and read before bed. Humans are nosy by nature and kids are *definitely* no exception.

Morning Meeting Activity #10: From A to Z

Similar to Categories, this is a great overlap of academics and team-building. Give students an extra challenge by giving them a time limit and/or assigning a category before playing.

You can download a free week of upper or lower primary morning meeting here:

Free Week of Lower Elementary Morning Meeting

Free Week of Upper Elementary Morning Meeting

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