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6 Ideas for Halloween Games Every Kid Will Love

Do our kids need any more reason to look forward to Halloween? Probably not. But life is too short to not overdo it on the fun factor, amiright? Whether it’s a Halloween party, the day before Halloween, or a Fun Friday, these ideas for Halloween games will be thrilling for the kids in your life.

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Ideas for Halloween Games For The Whole Class

Halloween Game #1: 4 Corners

If you are specifically looking for ideas for Halloween games that will keep kids engaged for a long time, here you go!

How to Set Up: Assign 4 corners in your classroom. Label each one something Halloween-themed. Students can quickly illustrate signs to label each corner or you can quickly draw or write a label for each.

Here are some ideas:

  • Skeleton
  • Ghost
  • Pumpkin
  • Bat
  • Spider
  • Witch
  • Candy

The teacher/moderator should also have a bag of 4 cards, each of which corresponds to the corners.

an aerial view of a 4-walled room; each corner is marked with a Halloween character - ghost, pumpkin, witch hat, black cat
I did a quick mock-up to show you how each corner can be assigned a Halloween icon (but of course these would be paper labels made by you or the students).

How to Play: This game is best played with the whole class. Students choose a corner and move to it. Once everyone chooses a corner, the teacher pulls a card from the bag. The student(s) in that corner are “out” and must return to their seat. Play continues until there is only one student remaining, he/she wins!

This Halloween game is great for practicing listening skills and following directions.

Halloween Game #2: Pass the Pumpkin

This is a new idea for Halloween games that I am SO excited to try with my own kids.

What You Need: A small pumpkin, a medium-sized pumpkin, and a large pumpkin. If you can’t find pumpkins of different sizes, use balls or bean bags.

an orange pumpkin against a white drawn spider web

How to Play: One person is chosen to be the Pumpkin Fairy. The Pumpkin Fairy stands in the middle of the room with their arms crossed over their chest. The other players stand in a circle around the Pumpkin Fairy. The person who is it begins by passing the small pumpkin to the player on their left while saying, “I’m passing you a small pumpkin.”

That player then passes the pumpkin to the next player while saying, “I’m passing you a small pumpkin.” This continues until the Pumpkin Fairy says, “Pumpkins are changing!” at which point the players must pass the medium-sized pumpkin to the player on their left. The process repeats until the Pumpkin Fairy says, “Pumpkins are changing again!” and the large pumpkin is passed around. The game is over when the large pumpkin is back in the hands of the Pumpkin Fairy.

Halloween Game #3: Knockout

When thinking about which ideas for Halloween games I wanted to include in this post, this one was a no-brainer.

Here’s a quick look at how to play Knockout.

And now here’s a quick look at the special “Spooky Hands” edition I made for Halloween (I made a number ID version and an addition facts version, so these are best for K-1st):

You can grab 2 free Halloween Knockout games using the form below:

Halloween Game #4: Bingo

Yes, I know this is one of the most tried-and-true ideas for Halloween games, but here’s my take: Halloween Bingo is a great low-key game to play as a whole class. Ya know, when you need students seated and quiet(ish).

You’ll need a Bingo board for each student (you can find printable boards online or make your own) and a bag of Halloween-themed objects. I love Halloween mini-erasers for this!

How to Play: To play, the teacher will choose an object from the bag and hold it up for everyone to see. Students will then look for that object on their Bingo board and mark it off with a marker. The first student to get five in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) wins!

You can play multiple rounds by having students clear their boards and choosing new objects from the bag. This game is great for practicing listening skills and following directions. Plus, it’s always nice to have a few low-key games on hand for those days when you need to take it easy.

Back to the classic way: Of course, you can also fill the bag with cards that match the pictures on the boards–objects are just more fun! If you choose to keep it classic, consider using fun Halloween objects for the student board markers instead.

Here’s a link that will take you straight to all of the free Halloween Bingo games on TpT.

Ideas for Halloween Games For Small Groups

Halloween Game #5: Pumpkin Bowling

Looking for deas for Halloween games that is perfect for a classroom party? Look no further.

For this, you’ll need 6-10 rolls of toilet paper, scotch tape, black marker, and several small-ish pumpkins.

How to Set Up: To set up, you’ll want to roll each toilet paper roll into a “bowling pin” shape. Once they’re all rolled, use the black marker to draw ghosts, witches, bats, and other Halloween-themed designs on each. When you’re finished decorating, use the scotch tape to secure the rolls so they keep their shape.

a pumpkin bowling down a group of bowling pins

How to Play: To play, set the pins up at the other end of the room (or yard) and have players take turns rolling a small pumpkin towards them. Keep score like you would in regular bowling – each pin knocked down is one point. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

This is a great way to get kids up and moving while still having lots of Halloween fun. And, it’s easy to set up and take down, which is always a bonus.

Halloween Game #6: That’s a Wrap

This is also one of the most classic ideas for Halloween games, and you’ll need a roll of toilet paper for each student (or team, if you’re playing with larger groups).

a roll of toilet paper

How to play: Split players into groups of 3-5 kids. To start, one player will be the “wrapper” and the other players will be the “wrappers.” The wrapper will choose one of the wrappees and wrap them in toilet paper, starting at the ankles and going all the way up to the shoulders. Once they’re wrapped, the next player will take their turn wrapping another player. This process continues until all players have been wrapped. The first team to be fully wrapped wins!

This game is great for large groups and can be a lot of fun – just be sure to have enough toilet paper on hand!

Do you have a favorite Halloween game that you like to play with your students? Share it in the comments below!

Happy Halloween! And don’t forget to check out my other Halloween blog posts for more fun ideas. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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