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11 Ideas for Christmas Around the World Traditions To Teach This Year

When it comes to teaching Christmas around the world traditions, the possibilities are endless! You can teach about traditions from all over the world, and there are so many great ones to choose from. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the best traditions to teach elementary students. We’ll also give you some tips for teaching about holiday traditions in different countries, like Mexico, Australia, Sweden, Canada, and more.

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Traditions are a great way to engage elementary students in learning about other cultures. When you teach traditions from around the world, you can help your students understand and appreciate the diversity of our world. Teaching traditions can also be a fun and festive way to celebrate the holidays in your classroom!

Here are some tips for teaching Christmas around the world traditions:

Share interesting facts! For example: In Mexico, holidays are often celebrated with traditional foods, music, and dance. One tradition that is popular during Christmas time is the Posada. This involves going from house to house, singing carols, and receiving gifts.

Another interesting fact: Australia has a number of unique traditions that are celebrated during the holiday season. One of these is the Boxing Day cricket match, which is played on December 26th.

Want more? Sweden is known for its festive traditions, and there are many to choose from when it comes to teaching elementary students. One popular tradition is the Julbord, or Christmas table. This is a feast that includes a variety of traditional Swedish dishes.

One more! Canada has a number of traditions that are celebrated during the holiday season. One popular tradition is the exchange of Christmas letters. This is when people write letters to their friends and family, telling them what they have been up to during the year.

Extension + Creative Ideas for Teaching Traditions From Different Countries:

To teach about these traditions and extend the learning even further, here are some fun Christmas Around the World ideas:

  • Make a wreath with an ornament for each holiday
  • Fill out a passport for each child as they “travel” to different stations
  • Set up a world map and plot where each tradition comes from
  • View a movie or presentation about each country’s holiday tradition
  • Fill out a guidebook to log your “travels”
  • Have a potluck lunch with dishes representing traditions from all over the world
  • Do a gift exchange using traditions from other countries (For example, in Mexico it is common to give gifts of fruit or nuts.

Easy-peasy Christmas Around the World

In my Christmas Around the World pack, I feature a different slideshow presentation (automated for the teacher’s convenience!), a passport, a traveler’s log, and interactive discussions about each country’s traditions.

These are just a few ideas for teaching traditions from around the world. By incorporating these traditions into your classroom, you can help your students learn about other cultures and celebrate the holidays in a fun and festive way! To read about more ideas for your December classroom plans, check out this post here.

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