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4 Free Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts Kids and Teachers Will L-O-V-E

I’m not a huge fan of pink and frills, but I am an absolute sucker for Valentine’s Day–which explains my love for Valentine’s Day writing prompts. (True story–I don’t even like conversation hearts!) Call me a walking enigma but there is nothing that gives me the warm fuzzies more than a day filled with hearts, candy, and cards. I don’t know what it is about the holiday but I’ve always loved incorporating it into every inch of my home and classroom when the time comes around each year. A quintessential part of this is in the Valentine’s Day activities I choose for my students. You can read more about the books I recommend here, but today is all about putting pen to paper! Let’s get started looking at my 5 favorite writing prompts for Valentine’s Day.

BONUS: These can also double as super cute prompts for cards and/or love notes to parents. Turn them into a book and create small love/Valentine books your kids can bring home at the end of the week!

Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts You’ll Love: Prompt #1

This is a great introductory writing prompt because it encourages students to make connections to the concept (love) to their own experiences. If they are able to generate a list of items, people, foods, books, etc. that they love they can begin to think about what love actually means–at least in child-like terms.

valentines day writing prompts : make a list of things you love. Illustrate them!

Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts You’ll Love: Prompt #2

While it seems simple and straightforward, this is kind of a mind-bending topic for young kids because it requires facts about an emotion. This is a great prompt to have students share responses to during the morning meeting (I talk more about how to transition from these prompts into a morning meeting here—it’s the match made in heaven, in my opinion!)

Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts You’ll Love: Prompt #3

This is a rather simple question and one of basic preference. It’s also a fun one for students to consider, given that flowers and chocolates are two completely different options. It’s an interesting insight into your students—I for one was not surprised when my lovingly impulsive, action-seeking son chose chocolates and my peaceful, creative daughter chose flowers 😉

(FWIW—I, for one, would choose chocolates. Flowers die eventually and they are kind of a pain to trim, arrange, and then remember to care for. They are pretty, though.)

Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts You’ll Love: Prompt #4

This is perhaps one of the cutest questions to ask kids of all ages. This serves as a great open-ended question but if you are focusing on love as a topic the week of Valentine’s Day, then I recommend giving additional sentence stems like “love is ______, love feels like ______, love looks like ________, love sounds like _______,” etc.

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