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{16} November Literacy Stations (Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Turkeys, & More!)


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These 16 November Literacy Stations will be a perfect way to celebrate the end of Fall, as your students engage activities that focus on Thanksgiving Feasts, Veterans Day, Turkeys, an Pilgrims & Native Americans!

You will receive:
Thanksgiving Feast:
•Compound Word Match: Build Thanksgiving-themed compound words by cutting and pasting.
•Wishbone Writing: Thanksgiving writing prompt
•Thanksgiving Place Mat An infographic fill-in about Thanksgiving
•Begin & End Write the Room: Find words that begin and end the same as these Thanksgiving treats

Veterans Day
•Roll, Read, Say, & Color: Roll a die, say a word, and color it in to beat your partner
•Country Colors Write the Room Find and write items that are red, white, and/or blue
•My Veterans Day ‘Thank You’ Book: Choose the correct word to fill in reasons you are thankful for veterans.
•Roll & Rhyme: Play against a partner to roll a die, generate a rhyming words, and reach the end of your column first.

•Tell Me, Turkey: Sort sentences according to “telling” or “asking”
•My Turkey Short Vowel Book: On each page, circle the words that belong with each short vowel turkey.
•Label It: Label the turkey and write about the turkey to describe it
•Write the Room: Find words with long and short vowels and write them on the turkey’s feathers.

Pilgrims & Native Americans
•Describing in Detail: Write compound sentences using 3 descriptive words to tell about an item
•Compare & Contrast: Chart similarities and differences between Native Americans and Pilgrims using a Venn diagram.
•Same As, Different Than: Generate antonyms and synonyms for Thanksgiving-themed words.
•Syllable Sort: Sort Thanksgiving pictures into 1-, 2-, or 3-syllable word columns.

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