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1st Grade Math Game [January Knockout Club]


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Give your classroom the gift of FUN this year by joining the Knockout Club! This fast-paced, nail-biter of a 1st grade math game is paperless, played on the whiteboard, and requires no prep. Best of all? It's engaging and quickly teaches a new skill or reinforces review skills in the classroom.

Knockout has been played in THOUSANDS of classrooms all over the world, and now you can be an exclusive member of the Knockout club.

New to Knockout? Check out a detailed explanation of how the game is played here!

These monthly membership clubs include 4-5 games per month. Different than the subject-based Knockout packs already in my store, the monthly club games are:

  1. Aligned with grade-level pacing guides [This will allow you to use the materials in a timely manner to complement your current instruction or serve as review later in the month!
  2. Seasonally-themed [rather than generic designs, each game aligns with seasonal holidays and events]
  3. Exclusive ONLY to club members [You get the member discount when you buy now; at the end of each month, the pack will become inactive. You will still have access to it, but nobody else can purchase it until 2020 when all of the club games are re-released at full price.]
  4. A fun surprise each week! [Each time you purchase a club membership, check your “My Purchases” every Friday to reveal a new game in your download! The specific themes and skills for each game will be listed 1 month prior to the release of that monthly pack; for example, the themes and skills for the April Club will be added to the April Club product listing on March 1st.]

Each monthly club pack is valued at $12.00; however, as a club member, you will receive the entire month of games for only $9.00. This is a monthly savings of 25% if you choose to wait until next year to buy them.

If you choose to buy the entire year of club packs, you will receive 33% off the cost of the games should you choose to wait until next year. The year membership is not only a great deal, but is a 1-time purchase so you can buy it today instead of making a purchase every month. Click here to check out the year membership!

Week 1 (January 4th)…………..Polar Bears & Penguins: Number ID 1-120 ($3.00 Value)
Week 2 (January 11th)………….Happy New Year!: Telling Time to the Hour ($3.00 Value)
Week 3 (January 18th)………..Fun in the Snow: Comparing Lengths of 2 Objects ($3.00 Value)
Week 4 (January 25th)……….Brrrr!: Telling Time to the Half Hour ($3.00 Value)

**How to access this growing product**
If you download this product before the end of the month, you will only see the gaes that have been added up to that point. To download updates to this growing pack, go to your Account.

If you have any questions, please ask before purchasing! Please check out the Preview file for an extensive look at the pacing guide I am using for the games, as well as any other information that is useful to know before you buy.

All games come in PowerPoint and PDF formats so they can be used on all types of devices. You do not need an interactive whiteboard to use these games; you simply need to be able to project the games large enough for your students to use them the way they were intended.

You will receive these games in a zip file. It is strongly recommended you use a program such as WinZip to extract these files; however, you can click here for more tips about extracting files.

Thanks for visiting my store! I hope you come again soon 🙂

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