25 How-To Writing Prompts - Elementary Education

25 How-To Writing Prompts


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These 25 how-to writing prompts are just what your students need to maintain and strengthen their nonfiction writing skills the entire year! Included are 25 how-to templates with topics to use for every season. In a First/Next/Then/Last format, you will receive the following prompts:
How to…
-Carve a Pumpkin
-Wrap a Gift
-Blow a Bubble
-Build a Snowman
-Wake a Groundhog
-Tie My Shoes
-Make a Friend
-Make S'mores
-Make a Sandwich
-Plant a Flower
-Save the Earth
-Make a Pizza
-Clean Your Desk
-Choose a Book
-Ride the Bus
-Have a Fire Drill
-Make Your Teacher Happy
-Have the Best Day Ever
-Read a Book
-Ride a Bike
-Make a Sundae
-Brush Your Teeth
-Build a Sandcastle
-Catch a Leprechaun
-Decorate Your Tree

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