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Back to School PowerPoint Presentation {Bubble Format}


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Do you get super nervous presenting at Back to School Night and wish there was an easier PowerPoint presentation for this purpose? This FULLY EDITABLE back to school night PowerPoint presentation is a great twist on the traditional parent night presentation and focuses on images rather than words! Using the “bubble” format, you can simply copy and paste your images into the presentation and give your back to school night spiel with ease!

Instead of text-heavy slides that your parent audience will feel compelled to read, these easy-to-use bubble slides provide a simple format for an image-focused presentation with very minimal (or no!) text. The best part? These bubble slides are super easy to present since you can talk through each one without needing an elaborate script—no worries about sticking to the text!

This PowerPoint presentation comes in 3 bright color templates (check them out in Preview):
•Turquoise, Grey, & Gold
•Royal Purple, Magenta, Turquoise, & Mustard
•Cool Blue, Hot Pink, & Lime Green

Each presentation contains the following 32 slides:
• About Me: Meet the Teacher
• About Me: My Favorite Things
• About Me: My Family
• Teaching Philosophy (2 versions)
• Our Schedule: Morning
• Our Schedule: Afternoon
• Classroom Management: What to Expect
• Homework: How It Works
• Specials: Our Schedule
• Volunteers: How You Can Help
• Communication: Let’s Chat! (2 versions)
• Lunch & Snack: FYI
• Field Trips: Let’s Go!
•Math: First Grade Focus
•Reading: First Grade Focus
•Writing: First Grade Focus
•Science: First Grade Focus
•Social Studies: First Grade Focus
•Technology: First Grade Focus
•Assessments: Testing, 1-2-3!
•Class Parties: Celebrate!
•Routines: What to Expect
•Procedures: What to Expect
•Allergies: Safety First!
•Projects: At a Glance
•Attendance: Policies & Procedures
•Cell Phones: The Rules
•Dress Code: The Rules
•Questions? Let Me Help!
•PLUS, multiple covers to choose from!

**You also have the following UNLIMITED EDITABLE OPTIONS**:
•Blank templates of each color slide
•Ability to edit each slide title
•Ability to edit each slide subtitle
•Ability to add or remove bubbles
•Ability to move color graphics from side to bottom of slide (or remove completely)
•Ability to add to or remove text from bubbles
•Ability to add to or remove images from bubbles
•Ability to edit cover page text

Also included:
•A detailed how-to guide to walk you through the editable portions
•A fully-made example presentation to get ideas and inspiration while creating your own!

*These presentations were created in PowerPoint and designed to run in PowerPoint*


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