Back to School Survival Kit: 25+ Activities for the First Week of School! - Elementary Education

Back to School Survival Kit: 25+ Activities for the First Week of School!


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This back to school survival kit is JUST what you need to have a successful week back to school! Perfect for the K-2 classroom, this kit includes the following:

-Paper Bag Self Portrait & Time Capsule
-“Look Who’s Talking” bulletin board display
-“Find a friend who…” icebreaker activity
-All About Me mobile (a craft for classroom display)
-Back-to-school Bingo (a template for student-created BINGO!)
-All About Me mini-book
-All About __________ mini-book (for students to write about each other)
-My Favorites mini-book
-About Me Bag letter & template (a homework activity to share with the class)
-Rules mini-book
-2 Truths and a Lie activity
-Name puzzles (templates for names with 2-11 letters)
-Back-to-school poem & craftivity
-Skittle Game (poster/directions for a “getting to know you” game)
-First week morning work (5 simple, straightforward back to school morning activities)
-Our Happy Book (class book–what makes us happy)
-What’s For Lunch? (class book—what did you eat/buy for lunch today?)
-How to Be a Friend (class book)
-Playground Safety mini-book (a student fill-in book)
-Bus Safety mini-book (a student fill-in book)
-First Day/Week Foldable (to take home to share with parents
-Class stationary templates
-All About Me jigsaw puzzle template
-“I want a teacher who…” contract
-Class Rules contract
-Common Pairs Partner Match-Up cards
-Parent Survey
-Fridge Magnet for student work display (template and poem)

Please check out the preview to see EVERYTHING that is included!
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