Boo! Interactive Powerpoint Game for Doubles Facts - Elementary Education

Boo! Interactive Powerpoint Game for Doubles Facts


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This interactive Powerpoint game is perfect for the Fall season as students learn their doubles facts and have fun at the same time!

Students work in groups of 2-4.

Students take turns navigating the slides. Each new slide contains a different doubles fact (both addition and subtraction). Once the student thinks he/she knows the answer, he/she will drag the ghost away to reveal the answer.

If he/she is write, the student receives 1 point. A wrong answer earns no points. If a student takes a turn and gets the BOO! screen, the student loses that turn. The player with the most points when time is up is the winner.

*Once in Powerpoint, click “View” and “Enter full screen” to view the slides one at a time.


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