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Classroom Rules {20 Posters: Pre-made & Editable!}


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These classroom rules posters will spice up your classroom and kick off the year with a positive message! There are 4 types of posters included:
-Full page color
-Full page black & white
-Full page color—editable
-Full page black & white–editable

You can make your own posters using 20 different templates (each features “I Can…”, a different child, and a text box) OR you can simply print and display the 20 posters I have created:
I Can…
-Say, “I'm sorry”
-Say, “Please” & “Thank you”
-Do the right thing
-Never give up
-Be honest
-Try my best
-Raise my hand
-Be on time
-Be prepared
-Be on task
-Be kind
-Listen to others
-Show respect
-Be safe
-Be patient
-Be respectful
-Ask questions
-Cooperate with others
-Be responsible
-Follow directions

These posters are great for back to school bulletin boards, year-round display, compiled as a classroom library book, and much more!
I enjoy using the black & white copies for students to color as we discuss the importance of each rule. Then, students will draw a picture of themselves practicing that rule on the back of the page. These can be taken home each day so the parents know the rules we have discussed.

If you would like to use the editable template and enjoy the font that is featured, please download it for free HERE or you may use your own!

Please check out the preview to see the posters!

Thank you so much for stopping by my store, it means a lot to me. I hope you visit again soon! 🙂

Erin Waters

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