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Earth Day {14 Activities}


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This Earth Day activity pack comes with everything you need to celebrate Earth Day in the K-2 classroom. Included, you receive:

“Let's Help” Poem“Let’s Help” explores the idea that when students help the earth, we help a lot of people and things! (for use with “Let’s Help” graphic organizer.)

16 Word Wall Words16 Earth Day word wall words (in color AND black & white)

Trash or Treasure?Students will classify items as “trash” or “treasure” in this subjective activity. Students will choose one trash item and one treasure item to create a guessing game foldable and write about to explain why they labeled it ‘trash’ or ‘treasure.’

Recyclable Materials Sort and Scavenger Hunt:Students will sort items into the categories of glass, plastic, metal, or paper OR students can go on a scavenger hunt to find items that fit into each category.

“Let's Help” Graphic Organizer:Students will identify ways to help water, air, plants, and animals using a graphic organizer.

Earth Day Problem & Solution Mini-Book: Students will identify problems that are hurting the Earth and corresponding solutions to fix those problems.

Earth Day Take-Home Survey:Students will take a survey home to promote a “green” conversation with parents and family; results can be shared in class to spur further discussion.

Where Does the Garbage Go? Reading Passage & Fill-In Flow Chart:Students will read a passage about where garbage goes once it is thrown away; after, students will illustrate or write to fill in an accompanying flow chart.

Earth Day ABC Order:Students will put Earth Day words in ABC order.

Persuasive Letter:Students will write a letter to somebody explaining why he or she should use a reusable sack at the grocery store instead of paper and plastic bags.

3 R's of Earth Day:Students will cut and paste ‘reduce,’ ‘reuse,’ and ‘recycle’ into the blank spots on the chart and draw examples of each word in the boxes.

Earth Day Cause & Effect Discussion Cards: These 6 cards pose various scenarios (If_____, then ______); students can answer with effects via discussion or in a written response.

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