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End of the Year & Summer Math Review {A Versatile Review Bundle for 1st Grade}


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This end of the year review pack is JUST the thing to sail right into summer with your little learners. This end of the year review product includes 40+ exit tickets that cover a year's worth of content, along with 50+ review pages that correspond to each exit ticket, creating a FANTASTIC end-of-year review structure that is virtually plan-free. The best thing??? The review pages can also be compiled into a no-prep take-home review pack to prevent summer learning loss and keep the kiddos fresh all summer long!!

All Materials Included:
•44 exit tickets {for quick snapshot assessment}
•50+ review pages {to use in-class for review and/or to compile into take-home summer review packet}
•Easy to follow code system that links each exit ticket to a review page
•PowerPoint slide version of review pages to review in whole-class format
•Suggestions for planning format & small group review formation
•Cover for summer review packet

All Concepts Covered {in exit tickets AND review pages}:
•Counting by 2s
•Counting by 5s
•Counting by 10s
•Fact families
•Decomposing numbers/ways to make ____
•Greater than/less than/equal to
•120 chart/missing numbers
•Number riddles
•120 chart puzzles
•Fractions (making 1/2)
•Fractions (making 1/4)
•Assorted fractions (identifying)
•Making equal parts (halves)
•Making equal parts (fourths)
•Tens & ones (making numbers)
•Tens & ones (how many groups of 10/how many groups of 1?)
•Place value: tens
•Place value: ones
•Place value: counting tens & ones
•Adding 2-digit numbers (with regrouping)
•Adding 2-digit numbers (without regrouping)
•Adding 2-digit & 1-digit numbers (without regrouping)
•Counting in groups of 10
•Time to the hour (writing digital to match analog)
•Time to the half hour (writing digital to match analog)
•Time to the hour (writing analog to match digital)
•Time to the half hour (writing analog to match digital)
•Value of coins (writing value)
•Counting groups of pennies
•Counting groups of dimes
•Counting groups of nickels
•Counting mixed groups of coins
•Identifying shapes
•Number of sides on a shape
•Number of vertices on a shape
•Adding 3 numbers
•Commutative property & related facts
•Missing addend
•Adding 10
•Balanced equations
•Story problems: addition {how many altogether?}
•Story problems: subtraction {how many more?}
•Story problems: subtraction {how many are left?}

This pack was made for 1st grade, but many concepts can be used for review in K and 2nd as well, it just depends on your class. Make sure to check out the preview for a sneak peek into all of the goodies included in this life-saving pack!

This pack is also GREAT test prep as you near end-of-the-year assessments.

I hope this serves you well and you have a relaxing, well-deserved Summer! Thanks so much for visiting my store–please come again soon!

Erin Waters

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