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First Grade August Morning Work


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4 weeks of August Morning Work is just the thing to jump into the school year! Students will engage independently in work that promotes math and literacy skills and centers! This pack is great for high K, first grade, and second grade review.

(5) The Write Stuff: Make a list of things you hear, smell, touch, taste, and see at school.
(3) Rainbow Write: Choose a word and write it in different colors (Copy 4 times).
(4) Missing Letters: Given a word wall word, decide which words are missing in the blank version provided.
(1) Anything Goes! Students may draw and/or write about anything they want
Math Matters:
(1) Shape Up: Draw everyday items that are shaped like a square, circle, rectangle, triangle, oval, and star.
(2) Number Pictures: Follow the directions to draw a given number of objects.
(2) Draw It!: Given a key, draw a picture using the directions.
(4) Bigger or Smaller?: Using the color code, color the bigger of two numbers one color and the smaller of two numbers the other color.
(1) Anything Goes: Students have a free choice math option!

BONUS: Includes a “First Week of School” easy-peasy morning work taken from my Back-to-School Survival Kit!

**Every month, the content breakdown of my morning work packs are roughly 1/3 math, 1/3 writing & word work, & 1/3 sight words.

**Each page contains “Go the Extra Mile,” which is an extra task for fast finishers!

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Enjoy! 🙂

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