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First Grade October Morning Work Pack


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This pack can be used all fall long as first grade morning work, literacy stations, math stations, homework, and so much more! Included are 28 pages of activities including the following:

(4) Copy, Circle, Tally: Copy sight words & tally the vowels, consonants, and letters in one of the words. (am, look, me, it, all, what, use, your)
I Love Labels!: Label the parts of the scarecrow using the word bank
(1) Short Vowel Spelling: Spell CVC words by filling in the blanks and circling the vowel (focus on short A families)
(1) Fill in the Blank: Using a word bank of sight words, fill in the blanks to spell each word
(4) ABC Order: Put 10 thematic words in order from A-Z using word bank and ABC strip
(5) Trace it, Write It, Style It: Trace, write, and style 5 sight words (he, see, come, go, said, am, look, me, I, it, all, or, what, use, your, my, for, at, will, she)
(5) The Write Stuff Writing Prompts: Write about your favorite Fall activity, make lists on a given subject.
This or That? Circle the bigger or smaller number of the group.
(1) Would You Like ‘Sum’ Candy Corn? Compute the sum on each piece of candy corn
(1) Paint the Pumpkin Patch: Color pumpkins according to their even or odd number
(1) Pumpkin Patch Patterns: Extending and creating patterns using pumpkins
(1) Ghost Numbers: Filling in missing numbers in sequential number patterns
Pumpkin Sums: Color by number pumpkin sums

**Every month, the content breakdown of my morning work packs are roughly 1/3 math, 1/3 writing & phonics, & 1/3 sight words.

**Each page contains “Go the Extra Mile,” which is an extra task for fast finishers!

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