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Growth Mindset Posters & Journal Prompts


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This growth mindset bundle includes 40+ growth mindset posters and journal prompts designed to motivate your students and encourage a deep exploration of the growth mindset.

Posters are full color and come in 2 different styles: Bright White and Bold Black. All posters include real photographs and words or a quote that encompass the growth mindset.

Posters can be printed and hung in the classroom or can be projected on a white board to generate whole class discussion.

This pack also includes 40+ journal prompts that correspond with each of the posters. Once the poster is discussed as a class, students can respond to the quote and/or word in their journal by illustrating or writing about what that poster means to them.

This is a great way to show your students that learning and life know no limits! Together, you will stretch your minds, exercise your brains, and grow your thinking!

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Erin Waters
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