Guided Reading BUNDLE: Comprehension, Nonfiction, & Concepts of Print Minibooks - Elementary Education

Guided Reading BUNDLE: Comprehension, Nonfiction, & Concepts of Print Minibooks


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This collection of 28 printable books will build comprehension of fiction books, nonfiction text features, and concepts of print, and can be used with a whole class or as guided reading lessons. The books cover topics that appear on the DRA and other K-2 reading assessments.

Topics covered include:
My Favorite Part mini-book
I Can Retell mini-book
My Story Map mini-book
I Can Make Connections mini-book
Author’s Message mini-book
Fiction or Non-fiction? mini-book
I am a Context Clue Detective mini-book
Problem and Solution mini-book
Making Non-Fiction Predictions mini-book
Making Fiction Predictions mini-book
The Main Idea mini-book
The Most Important Part mini-book

Glossary mini-book
Caption mini-book
Diagram mini-book
Maps mini-book
Index mini-book
Table of Contents mini-book
Bold Print mini-book
Headings mini-book
Graphs mini-book
Tables mini-book
Timelines mini-book

Concepts of Print:
All About Parts of a Book mini-book
All About Punctuation mini-book
All About First and Last mini-book
All About Direction mini-book
All About Pictures and Print mini-book

This bundle includes:
Building Comprehension Minibooks
Nonfiction Minibooks
Concepts of Print Mini-Books

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