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Last 20 Days of Writing: Hot on the Heels of Summer


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This summer writing pack is perfect pre-summer break or during the hot summer months! Included are 20 summer writing activities covering a range of skills and topics that are sure to provide you with sweet relief from the summer heat!
-Dear Teacher (letter to next year's teacher)
-My Summer Bucket List (making a list)
-Summer Snapshot (drawing & labeling picture)
-Sandcastle Showdown (comparing & contrasting partner activity)
-Flip, Flop (rhyming/word family matching)
-I Scream, You Scream (describing words)
-Summertime Acrostic
-I'm Going on a Picnic (ABC order)
-How To… (creating a how-to guide)
-Teacher Vacation (Inference-making to form predictions about your teacher's summer vacation plans)
-Summer Facts & Opinions
-Q&A (summer partner interviews)
-Ice Cream Summary (beginning/middle/end summary)
-Summer Nouns, Summer Not (noun sort)
-Summer Solutions (summer problems & writing solutions)
-Can/Have/Are Thought Maps (Kindergartners/1st graders/2nd graders/3rd graders/4th graders can/have/are…)
-Hello, Goodbye Poems (Hello Summer, Goodbye School & Hello 1st Grade, Goodbye K, Hello 2nd Grade, Goodbye 1st/etc. –up through 4th grade)

I hope you enjoy this packet as much as we have! Thank you for stopping by my store. Please come again soon! 🙂

Erin Waters

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