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My Little Books: Desert Animals


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This simple mini-book is great for science, stations, and learning about desert animals! The mini-book contains 8 pages, (the size of 1/4 of a piece of standard paper) includes a cover page and each page features the following animals:

Each pages features a picture of the animal and the sentence “A (animal name) is nocturnal.”

**There are three versions of this book:
1. All words and picture are included
2. Words are included, and students draw the animal.
3. Picture and sentence are included, but students fill in the name of the animal.

This product also includes a blank page template that has space for you to fill in your own animal and fill in the sentence blank (_______ live in the desert.)

****This format allows for differentiation if you use the product in small reading groups, and can also be used at various points throughout the year depending on your students' ability level.

I hope you enjoy this product! Thank you so much for stopping by my store! Please come again soon 🙂

Erin Waters

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