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My Little Lookout {A Substitute Solution}


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Having a substitute can be stressful and filled with uncertainty—luckily, My Little Lookout™ is the perfect plan for your sub solution in your classroom!

My Little Lookout™ is a mini-spy of sorts: think tattletale meets espionage. My Little Lookout™ arrives overnight before the sub arrives and finds a spot to watch over the students the next day. He/she takes notes and observes the students’ choices—good and bad—and then reports back to the classroom teacher through notes and mini-reports**. Students are then rewarded for good choices.

**Which, of course, are names and notes left by the real human substitute teacher.** 😉

My Little Lookout™ comes with his/her own picture book that explains the entire process in a rhyming, whimsical way. After you read the book, your students will name your Little Lookout—always a fun, entertaining time!

To read more in depth about My Little Lookout™, check out my blog post here

Included in this pack, you receive: 
•Over 300 My Little Lookout™ designs to choose from—choose the one that looks the most like you OR simply choose your favorite! Designs come in male and female versions.
•A 16-page My Little Lookout™ picture book (printable version that can be laminated and spiral bound)
•A 16-page My Little Lookout™ picture book (electronic version that can be viewed on a whiteboard—options include: no audio, automatic audio (just sit back and watch!), or manual audio (click through and listen at your own pace).
•3 mini-report templates (editable to use your own teacher name and My Little Lookout™ name)
•Editable sub certificate for students choosing positive choices
•Editable reflection notes for students choosing not-so-positive choices
•Editable student notes (perfect for the writing center!) so students can write their teacher a note in his/her absence or write a note to My Little Lookout™ to tell them about the day.

My Little Lookout™ works like a charm and is sure to encourage positive behavior even on your sickest of days! Ease your absences and spice up the classroom with this miniature watchperson

**The preview file is an extensive explanation what is included in this pack. Please view it for very detailed information!**

© Erin Waters 2016: This material is for single classroom use only. Additional copies are for sale; please e-mail me at for building and district pricing. This material is copyrighted and you are not to create your own My Little Lookout™ to distribute in any way.

My Little Lookout™ designs were created by Carly Bevis

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