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No Prep February Literacy Stations {Valentine’s Day, Groundhogs, & Presidents!}


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These 16 December Literacy Stations will be a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of Winter, as your students engage activities that focus on Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day, Abraham Lincoln, & George Washington!

You will receive:
Abraham Lincoln
-Civil War Search: Sort words into “Hard C” and “Soft C” categories according to sound
-Extra, Extra, Read All About It!: Plan your own book! Brainstorm and map story elements.
-Write the Room: Locate words with 1 or 2 vowels as in log and cabin.
-Problem & Solution: Making a Connection: Write about a time you disagreed with somebody and how you solved your differences.

Groundhog Day
-Deep Thoughts By Phil: Use a thought bubble to imagine a groundhog’s thoughts as he emerges from his slumber.
-Compound Creations: Illustrate parts of compound words and use each word in a sentence.
-Hello…My Name Is…: Create a groundhog friend for Phil!
-Groundhog Syllables: Sort words into categories by 1, 2, 3, or 4 syllables.

George Washington
-All About George Mini-Book: Choose the correct sight word on each page to complete the sentence.
-Washington Word Changers: Changing one letter in each word, create and illustrate a new word.
-President Washington: Sort words into groups as having the “sh” sound and “pr” sound.
-To Tell The ‘Tooth’: Identify words with a ‘oo’ pattern and sound.

Valentine's Day
-Things I Love: Write about categorical items you love by sorting as you write.
-Love Letters: Using the Valentine word bank, write a letter to somebody special.
-Roses Are Red: Write the room, locating words and objects that are red, sweet, and/or blue.
-Long Vowel Valentine: Sort long vowel words next to their matching pictures.

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