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No Prep January Math Stations {Penguins, MLK, & More!}


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These 16 January math stations are great for celebrating Penguins, MLK, Chinese New Year, & New Years Eve!

Included are:
-Number Makers: Ways to Make a Number
-Penguin Story Problems
-Penguin Measurement: Standard & Non-Standard Measurement
-Penguin Sums

New Years Eve
-Number Builders: Ways to Make a Number
-Spin, Tally, and Graph
-Roll-a-Party: A Numbers Game
-Sum Match

Chinese New Year
-Roll-a-Rama: Rolling Sum Game
-Story Problems: Addition & Subtraction
-Riddle Me This: Addition & Subtraction Riddles
-Joke’s On You: Adding & Subtracting

-It’s Time for a Change: Analog & Digital Matching
-Sum Match: Sums and Non-Sums of 15
-Hunt & Circle: Sums of 10, 12, 14, 16, & 18
-A Peace of Me: Fraction Matching

Each set of stations includes activities and games that can be completed in a station, whole class, individual, or small group format—you choose!

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Erin Waters

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