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November Math Stations (Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Turkeys, & More!)


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These 16 November math stations are great for celebrating Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Pilgrims & Native Americans, and Turkeys!

Each set of stations includes activities and games that can be completed in a station, whole class, individual, or small group format—you choose!

Included are:
My Thanksgiving Number Story Mini-Book: The Feast: Illustrate and solve one step story problems.
Class Graph & Tally: Survey classmates to find favorite Thanksgiving foods, graph & tally responses, and analyze data
Feast Your Eyes On This: Count and tally number of items on feast table
Roll-A-Plate: Students will roll various sets of numbers (sum of ___, odd, even, less than ____, etc.) in order to draw an entire plate of food—first one full wins!

Veterans Day:
Sum People Are Heroes: Match the sum to its soldier
Riddle Me This: Solve each number riddle using the math clues
Dog Tag Lost & Found: Combine the numbers to find a sum and the dog tag’s rightful owner
Soldier Story Problems: Illustrate & solve Veterans Day story problems

Pilgrims & Native Americans
Howdy, Partner: Make a number in 6 different ways and compare your results with a partner who made the same number!
Spin, Graph, & Tally: Spin Thanksgiving pictures, graph, & tally your results.
My Thanksgiving Number Story Book: Pilgrims & Native Americans: Illustrate and solve story problems.
Joke’s On You: Solve each equation to fill in the answer to a Pilgrim joke!

Pitter Pattern: Color the turkey’s feathers using a pattern and write to describe your pattern.
Making 10 With Turkey: Make 10 using various combinations of colored turkey feathers.
Joke’s On You: Solve each equation to fill in the answer to a turkey joke!
Color By Number: Color the turkey and his feathers according to the key

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