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November Science Experiments & Activities


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These October science experiments are inspired by Thanksgiving, Veterans Day, Turkeys, and Pilgrims & Native Americans & are packed with science investigations that will keep your kids engaged all month!

Included in this pack are:
•Cran You Believe It? (Exploring properties of cranberries and how air pockets inside cause them to float)
•Candy Camouflage (An exploration camouflage using M&M's and Skittles)
•Will it Stay or Will it Grow? (A hands-on planting experiment & investigation of seeds and non-seeds)
•I've Got You Covered (An exploration of animal body coverings using “mystery bags” of material)

To supplement the hands-on experiments, this pack also includes:
-Prediction graphic organizers
-Prior Knowledge graphic organizers
-Sentence frames for making predictions, sharing schema, etc.
-Writing responses
-Recommended extensions
-Teacher Guide pages for directions and suggestions
-Reflection pages & discussions
-Guided discussion questions
-Pieces for building your own anchor charts

*All pieces not found for every experiment

All of the student pages come with the option of keeping whole or cutting and pasting into a student science notebook.

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I hope you enjoy these activities! Thank you for stopping by my store; I hope you come again soon!

Erin Waters 🙂

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