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[Practically] Paperless Sub Plans for 1st Grade


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These (almost) paperless, no copy sub plans are about the change your life in a big way!

What if I told you you could prepare sub plans ONCE for the entire year?

Check out the preview and this blog post for more information, and read on to find out more about these magical plans:

These sub plans are:

-Using plastic sheet protectors + sticky notes or dry erase markers=use the same sub binder all year long!
-Content is also reusable: activities are open-ended with a lot of student choice

-The teacher or the sub circles a lesson plan from each subject menu! [Detailed plan pages are included for each choice, following the menu]

-Using PowerPoint, edit ANY text you want!

Plans cover many of the first grade common core standards!

5-9 plans per subject
9 subjects included:
-Morning Work (9 lesson plans)
-Morning Meeting (8 meetings)
-Writing Workshop (9 lesson plans)
-Whole Group Language Arts (9 lesson plans)
-Guided Reading (8 lesson plans)
-Whole Group Math (9 lesson plans)
-Small Group Math (8 lesson plans)
-Science (5 lesson plans)
-Social Studies (5 lesson plans)

Also included:
Pages for…
-Class list
-Student photos
-In case of… (drill & emergency pages)
-Student medical information
-Teacher contact
-How to use the sub plans
-Daily schedules
-Expectations/Times/Notes for each subject area
-Small group information

Digital Companion
-Each subject area offers a digital plan as well. If the sub feels comfortable using the interactive whiteboard, she will open the Digital Companion, which is a PowerPoint file that contains all of the digital lesson plans that were designed with the whiteboard in mind.

I hope you find this product as helpful as I have found it to be! Thank you for stopping by!

Erin Waters
Beyond the Beanstalk

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