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The Kissing Hand {Companion Pack}


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This pack will pair perfectly with The Kissing Hand–a great back-to-school or anytime read with your kids!

Included in this pack, you will receive:
•Quote interpretation writing response: Given 2 quotes from the book, write about what they mean to you and give examples of times you have related to that quote.
•Interactive Class graph: Our First Day Feelings; comes with large graph pieces for whole class display and a smaller student size with data collection component
•The Kissing Hand parent gift/craft: Includes envelope template, •Kissing Hand poem explaining the craft, and materials to make a kissing hand, kissing heart, or other kissing object
•Student feelings response
•My Favorite Part writing response
•The Most Important Part writing response
•A Text-to-Self connection writing response
•Chester & Myself T-Chart: Compare & contrast feelings about school
•The Kissing Hand I Spy: Color in the animal grid each time a new animal is spotted in the book
•The Kissing Hand Discussion Questions: 12 Questions for before, during, and after reading the book
•The Kissing Hand writing craftivity: Create a raccoon holding a heart and write about a time somebody made you feel better
•The Kissing Hand vocabulary word cards for the word wall: Includes 15 words from the book
•Writing Activity: What does your teacher do at night?
•The Kissing Hand: Count & Tally: Locate all 16 animals in the book and make a tally each time one is spotted
•The Kissing Hand Data Collection page: Record the number of times each animal is spotted in the book, and answer follow-up data analysis questions
•Nocturnal or Diurnal? Animal Sort: Using all 16 animals seen in the book, sort each one into the Nocturnal or Diurnal group.
•Chester’s First Night Of School: A writing extension for the book! Create a story about Chester’s first night at school; also comes with story starters to jumpstart thinking!

Check out the preview to check out all of the components!

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