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Time to Shine: Back to School Math Assessments


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These back to school math assessments are perfect for establishing baseline data for your students and cover 34 math skills for K-2. These can be administered throughout the first quarter or year to measure progress. These assessments can be given as morning work or done during the math block.

Skills covered include:
Comparing 2 shapes and their attributes.
Counting forward to 20 by 1’s.
Counting backward from 20 by 1’s.
Ordering numbers from least to greatest.
Ordering numbers from greatest to least.
Identifying largest number in a group.
Identifying smallest number in a group.
Matching a group of objects to its number.
Matching a digit to its number word.
Completing a repeating pattern.
Creating a repeating pattern.
Adding 2 digits.
Adding 3 digits.
Subtract 2 digits.
Counting a group of objects and using tally marks to record.
Completing a set of objects to make 10.
Solving story problems and showing work.
Identifying ways to make 10.
Identifying even and odd numbers.
Counting orally to 100.
Identifying a number before and after a given number.
Identifying numerals to 1-20.
Skip counting by 2’s to 24.
Skip counting by 5’s to 60.
Skip counting by 10’s to 100.
Understanding a calendar: identify today, yesterday, tomorrow, this week, next week, last week, year/month/day
Identifying shapes.
Demonstrating 1-1 correspondence.
Demonstrating cardinality
Matching a number to its place value blocks.
Drawing place value blocks to represent a number.
Identifying lines by shortest and longest.
Generating a number bigger than the given one.
Generating a number smaller than the given one.

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