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This alternative homework system is research-based as well as parent, student, teacher, & principal-approved. It will save you and your students time, frustration, and did I mention time? Studies have repeatedly shown a very weak correlation between homework and achievement in the primary grades. In fact, our students are suffering more than benefiting from homework. I've written ALL about the pitfalls of homework in this blog post, and it also contains a detailed explanation of this alternative homework system.

To give a general overview of Un-Homework: Each week, students have a paper with 5 choices on it. For each choice they complete, students can fill out a Learning Lotto raffle ticket. Every Monday, raffle tickets are entered into a drawing. The winners get to roll a die for a prize. The odds of winning are upped when you complete more choices and submit more tickets.

Please visit this blog post to read all about this wonderful, classroom-changing product!

This pack includes:
•FULLY EDITABLE Un-Homework document (all weeks included & editable in PowerPoint!)
•Homework Survey
•Informational PowerPoint (includes research and statistics to show parents at Back to School Night)
•34 weeks of Un-Homework*
•Editable Un-Homework Template:
-Available as fillable PDF form (with 2 format options: Choice #5 listed as weekend choice, or Choice #5 with no mention of the weekend)
-Available as editable PowerPoint (with 2 format options: Choice #5 listed as weekend choice, or Choice #5 with no mention of the weekend)
•Tear-off raffle tickets
•Prize system
•Prize cards for pocket chart
•Editable prize card included
•Labels for Learning Lotto box
•Informative Parent Letter (PDF) about Un-Homework and how it works;
•Editable Parent Letter (now FULLY editable in PowerPoint!)**

**There is also a parent letter that is ONLY editable in the date due field. Please use the fully editable version to have full access to changing the format and wording.**

*The Un-Homework activities in this pack were made with first graders in mind; however, there is an editable option for you to customize your Un-Homework just for your class!

**To preserve the document's format and to use the fonts installed on the fully editable parent letter, you must have KG Neatly Printed and KG PDX Blocks installed on your computer before opening PowerPoint**

Thanks so much for visiting my little store! I hope you come back soon!

Erin Waters
Beyond the Beanstalk

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