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Who Goes First? {FREEBIE for Classroom Management}


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Avoid the dreaded question, “But who goes first?!” and simplify classroom games and activities with these simple, easy-to-follow “Who goes first?” tasks.

Every week, I put a new “Who Goes First?” card on our station chart. I lead a small mini-lesson Monday morning about the new card I have posted. Students can refer to the card any time a station or activity requires students to play the game in an alternating order.

The cards include colored and b&w versions of the following “Who Goes First?” tasks:

Who is taller?
Who is shorter?
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Longer first name
Shorter first name
Who has the most pockets?
ABC Order (First name)
Roll a Die

By the time we have rotated once through all of the cards, students can quickly and easily recognize the “Who Goes First?” task without any reminders or mini-lessons!

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