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Teaching is hard, no doubt. But it doesn't have to feel impossible.

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Ditch the Math Homework: A Powerful Play-Based Alternative

As teachers, we want our students to grow into the best versions of themselves. This means finding the most developmentally appropriate ways to teach them and talk to them. So why are so many teachers still assigning math homework, sending home worksheet packets, and ...
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9 Fun Friday Ideas for Your Classroom

Welcome back, fellow educators! As we approach the end of another bustling week in the K-3 classroom, it's time to start planning for everyone's favorite day – Fun Friday! Injecting a burst of excitement into the end of the week is crucial for maintaining engagement and ...
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I believe that the best way to put students first is to put teachers first.

How can we do that?

  • Arm you with high-quality tools: Sleep peacefully at night knowing you’re doing what’s best for your students.
  • Save your energy: Provide resources that cost you little energy (that stuff is precious)---but have high impact on your students.
  • Light your spark: Putting fun back into your classroom after the hardest teaching years can be just what you and your students need.

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