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My writing nerd days started all the way back in 7th grade when I was cast as an alternate in the Power of the Pen team and in a strange twist of fate ended up advancing to the state competition. Not-so-humble brag aside, it lit the writing fire in me and I find it often translating into my teaching preferences. I've always had a thing for writing prompts, so it's no surprise I get rather giddy when I think about this list of 40 how-to writing prompts I'm sharing with you today.

If I'm being totally honest, I don't know if it's the idea of teaching writing or the actual teaching of writing that I love. And if we are getting super nerdy, there's nothing I love more than a good writing unit. How-to writing is one of my personal favorites and what we are talking about today.

There's something about writing an organized list of procedures and teaching through writing that is both comforting and pragmatic but also extremely magical. Students as teachers through writing? How beautiful. Over the year, I've amassed quite the list of writing prompts. When it comes to how-to writing, I love the idea of having a go-to list to reference when a mini-lesson comes up. Here are 64 of my favorite how-to writing prompts for kids:

  1. How to make a cake
  2. How to jump on one foot
  3. How to annoy a sibling
  4. How to make a lion roar
  5. How to eat spinach
  6. How to defeat a dragon
  7. How to build a snowman
  8. How to tie your shoe
  9. How to play hide and seek
  10. How to build an igloo
  11. How to build a sandcastle
  12. How to whistle
  13. How to eat spinach
  14. How to catch a leprechaun
  15. How to tie your shoe
  16. How to pick a movie
  17. How to make an ice cream sundae
  18. How to do a pushup
  19. How to paint with watercolors
  20. How to give someone a hug
  21. How to put your outfit on backwards
  22. How to ride a horse
  23. How to make your favorite snack
  24. How to skip
  25. How to build a house
  26. How to make a sandiwch
  27. How to clean your desk
  28. How to leave a note for the tooth fairy
  29. How to get a job
  30. How to make a snow angel
  31. How to snap your fingers
  32. How to gross out your teacher
  33. How to drive a car
  34. How to make a mudpie
  35. How to wash your hands
  36. How to dress up your pet
  37. How to make your bed
  38. How to jump rope
  39. How to curl your tongue
  40. How to carve a pumpkin
  41. How to befriend a giant
  42. How to make a seed grow
  43. How to bounce a basketball
  44. How to make someone laugh
  45. How to climb a beanstalk
  46. How to make slime
  47. How to hula hoop
  48. How to blow bubbles in milk
  49. How to mow the yard
  50. How to make popcorn
  51. How to braid your hair
  52. How to scare someone
  53. How to fly an airplane
  54. How to make spaghetti
  55. How to make a paper airplane
  56. How to blow your nose
  57. How to cook a turkey
  58. How to make a pizza
  59. How to draw a rainbow
  60. How to make grape juice
  61. How to take care of a baby
  62. How to build a fort
  63. How to put on your coat
  64. How to play The Floor is Lava
  65. How to find the end of a rainbow

If you want this in one easy printable list, you can grab that here:

There's an easier way though if you want an entire year of how-to writing. I've created all of these how-to writing prompts using 3 different formats seen below to allow for meeting many different students' needs.

I'm here to make your teaching easier! If there are how-to prompts you'd like to see added to the set once you purchase, feel free to let me know in the comments! Happy writing 🙂

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