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Christmas in Australia: 10 Facts to Share With Kids

Christmas in Australia is a fun-filled unit you can do with your class in December. This presents a wealth of opportunities for comparing and contrasting celebrations in different places.

Christmas in Australia Fact #1

1. Christmas in Australia falls during the summer.

This is an interesting fact for kids because in the Northern hemisphere, Christmas falls during the winter.

Christmas in Australia Fact #2

2. Santa Claus arrives in a sleigh pulled by six kangaroos, or by boat or surfboard in Australia.

A photo of Santa on the beach, showing that Christmas in Australia happens during the summer season

What a fun fact this is! It’s so different from how Santa arrives in other parts of the world. This is also a great opportunity to compare and contrast modes of travel for various climates.

Christmas in Australia Fact #3

3. Christmas trees are often decorated with fake snow in Australia.

This fact is great to share with kids because it encourages critical thinking: Why would fake snow be required to celebrate Christmas in Australia?

Christmas in Australia Fact #4

4. A traditional Australian Christmas dinner may include roast turkey, ham, or seafood such as prawns.A traditional Australian Christmas dinner often includes roast turkey or chicken, vegetables and potatoes, followed by fruit pudding or Christmas cake.

Prior to learning, ask students to draw a table covered in dishes they eat on their winter holiday celebration. Then, have students draw a table covered in dishes Australians eat for Christmas. Talk about what dishes are different, similar, and which ones they want to learn more about.

Christmas in Australia Fact #5

5. Australians love to celebrate with a barbecue or picnic on Christmas Day.

I love this one! What a great way to spend Christmas Day. Dive deep and ask students what a Christmas Day picnic might look like for them–would it be possible? What could you do to have a picnic despite the weather? This presents a great opportunity for creative writing in addition to critical thinking.

Christmas in Australia Fact #6

6. Christmas trees are often decorated with fairy lights and ornaments.

Christmas in Australia Fact #7

7. The Christmas star is a special decoration that is placed on top of the tree.

Christmas in Australia Fact #8

8. Australians love to enjoy the outdoors during Christmas, so many people head to the beach or go swimming on Christmas Day.

When compared to how students in the northern hemisphere celebrate Christmas, this is such a fun fact! This can lead to an opinion prompt like “Would you rather spend Christmas on the beach or inside by the fireplace?”

Christmas in Australia Fact #9

9. Christmas carols are often sung around a bonfire on Christmas Eve.

This fact, coupled with Facts #7 and #6 will highlight the similarities between celebrations in the United States and Australia.

Christmas in Australia Fact #10

10. Santa Claus always leaves a stocking full of presents by the fireplace for good children on Christmas Eve.

You can get a done-for-you Christmas in Australia slide deck here. This is one of my favorite products I’ve ever made because of the time it saves you. Slides come as pre-recorded presentations that run all on their own (no joke–it even incorporates discussion slides). So sit back, throw your slippered* feet up on your chocolate wrapper-covered desk, and bask in the glory of a self-teaching lesson. It’s the only way to do things in December.

*It’s December–we know that spirit week abounds in the 12th month.

You can read more about things to do in December in your classroom here.

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