24 September Writing Centers - Elementary Education

24 September Writing Centers


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Start your year off with a bang with 24 writing centers that encourage authentic writing experiences: real-life writing projects with a purpose! Included in this pack, you will receive:

List it: My Teacher's Grocery List
List it: My Back-to-School To-Do List
Post it: A postcard to your family about your day at school (includes stamp images)
Cook it: A recipe card for a dish made from apples
Categorize it: A list of things in your classroom starting with A-Z
Describe it: Describing how an apple smells/tastes/feels/sounds/looks
Mail it: A friendly letter template for your new teacher
My Teacher's Facebook profile & status
Author It: A mini-story about picking apples
Snap & Cap It: A recess selfie & caption
Report It: A newspaper article template about something that happened at school
Review It: A movie review of your favorite movie
Ask It: Interview template for a community helper whose job you would like when you grow up
Card It: Business card template for a community helper of your choice
Explain It: A How-to manual to survive the first day of school
Comic It: A Comic strip template about a character in your grade
Label it: Draw an apple tree and label its parts (use pre-made labels provided if you choose)
Text it: Write a text conversation between you and a friend the night before school starts (includes word bank)
Play It: A playlist of your favorite songs along with descriptions about why they are your favorite
Menu It: A menu template for a restaurant that only serves dishes made from apples
Greet It: A thank-you card template to thank a friend who helped you the first week of school
Map It: A map template to draw a map of your classroom (includes 2 formats; includes an optional map key)
Web It: Describe your teacher
Connect it: Generate nouns, verbs, and adjectives about apples
Flow It: A flow chart template to show the order of your school day

To download a set of generic writing center templates to use ALL YEAR ROUND, go HERE

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