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Interactive Sentence Notebook {Daily Sentence-Writing Exercises}


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This interactive sentence-writing notebook will be the push your students need to become sentence-writing superstars!

Included in this pack, you will receive:

(20) Fix-It: Given an incorrect sentence, write it correctly on the strip beneath the flap (Alternate option: Use editing marks to correct the original sentence, then illustrate the sentence below).
(20) Punctuation Station: Given a sentence, draw the correct punctuation on the end, then write your own sentence using the same punctuation (Alternate option: Rewrite the same sentence using correct punctuation).
(20) Space Camp: Given a run-on sentence, cut words apart and glue them with correct spacing (Alternate option: rewrite the sentence with correct spacing).
(20) Write it and Right It: Respond to a prompt and answer by writing a correct sentence; use the rubric and fix if necessary.
(2) Sentence Notebook Covers: Includes one boy version and one girl version.

Check out my preview to see photos of each exercise! Thanks so much for stopping by my store. I hope you come again soon!

Enjoy! 🙂

Erin Waters

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