No Prep December Math Stations {Holidays Around the World, Christmas, & More!}


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These 16 December math stations are great for celebrating Christmas, Winter Holidays Around the World, Fun in the Snow, and Winter Plants & Animals!

Each set of stations includes activities and games that can be completed in a station, whole class, individual, or small group format—you choose!

Included are:
Stocking Stuffers: Sort the gifts by even and odd sums
Candy Cane Cut & Paste: Sort the candy canes by matching the digit to the place value blocks.
Missing Addends: Fill in the missing number to make the equation true.
Ten More Treats: Color in the square to show the number that is 10 more than the one on the cookie.

Winter Holidays Around the World
Poinsettia Patterns: Fill in the missing numbers on the petals as you discover the number pattern.
Diya Fact Families: Fill in math facts to match each fact family.
Color By Number Kinara: Follow the math fact key to color the kinara.
Dreidel Spin & Graph: Spin the wheel using a paper clip and graph the number of times you spin each side of the dreidel.

Winter Plants & Animals
Once Upon a Polar Bear: Given a solution, create a story problem, illustrate it, and solve it!
Eskimo Number Fun: Fill in the missing parts of the 100 chart, finding +1, -1, +10, and -10 of each number.
Roll a Caribou: Roll a die and follow the sum rules to be the first to color your caribou in this partner game.
Evergreen Triple Sums: Add the 3 sections of the evergreen together and write the sum on the trunk.

Fun in the Snow
Roll, Add, & Cover: Roll a die and cover the number that makes 10 with the number you rolled.
Snowman Fact Families: Fill in math facts to match each fact family.
Subtraction Snowboard Slide: Roll a die and try to reach the end of the snowboard hill in this subtraction partner game.
Number Pattern Puzzle: Cut out the puzzle pieces and reassemble them to create a number pattern and picture!

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