No Prep January Literacy Stations {Penguins, MLK, Chinese New Year, & More}


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These 16 December Literacy Stations will be a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of Winter, as your students engage activities that focus on Christmas, Holidays Around the World, Winter Plants & Animals, and Fun in the Snow!

You will receive:
-Would You Rather… Writing Prompt
-Penguin, Penguin, What Do You See?
-Spin it to Win it (rhyming words with ‘fin’ and ‘crest.’)
-Adding -ed to Penguin Words

New Years Eve
-Syllable Sort
-How to _____________: Setting & Reaching Your New Years Goal
-Compare and Contrast (last year and this year)
-Making a Shopping List: ABC Order

Chinese New Year
-Begin and End Write the Room (complex spelling patterns)
-Roll, Read, Say, and Cover (bossy E words)
-Same As, Different Than (synonyms and antonyms)
-Describe in Detail (descriptive writing)

Martin Luther King, Jr.
-MLK Fact & Opinion Sort
-Roll and Rhyme (words that do an don’t rhyme with ‘speak’)
-Long vowel Sounds Sort (long a, long e, long I, and others)
-Synonym match
-MARTIN Write the Room

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