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No Prep March Literacy Stations {St. Patrick’s Day, March Madness, & More!}


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These 16 March Literacy Stations will be a perfect way to celebrate the beginning of Spring, as your students engage activities that focus on St. Patrick's Day, March Madness (basketball), Weather, and Read Across the Country.

You will receive:
St. Patrick's Day
-Write the Room: Find words with cl-, fl-, gl-, and pl- blends
-Shamrock & Roll: Use given words and find your own that include ‘sh,’ ‘am,’ and ‘ock.’
-4 in a Row: A partner game that involves reading words with vowel teams “ea” and “ee”
-How to Catch a Leprechaun: Sequential writing about how to catch a leprechaun

Read Across the Country
-This or That: Color the correctly spelled word.
-Books are So Cool: Sort words containing “oo” by their sound
-Go, Team, Go: Sort words into “ee,” “ea,” and “e” sounds
-From A to Z: Find 8 words in a book and put them in ABC order.

March Madness
-Take a Risk: Practice stretching words out with inventive spelling
-Victorious Verbs: Fill in the correct verb tense in each sentence
-Perfect Punctuation: Choose the correct punctuation to appear at the end of each sentence.
-Super Syllables: Find words around the room with 1, 2, and 3 syllables and sort them below the hoop, whistle, or basketball.

-If, Then…Fill in the blanks or boxes to create cause and effect situations
-From A to Z: Cut & paste weather words in ABC order.
-What’s the Weather Today? Mini-book: Correct spelling of incorrectly spelled words by pasting the correct word on top; illustrate each page.
-Bits & Pieces: Glue the corresponding picture to each box based on its beginning and ending sound.

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