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This penpal kit is everything you need to enjoy a year of correspondence with students from another school!

Included in this kit, you will receive:
•Pen Pal Directory: A chart to record writing pairs
•Getting to Know You Letter Template: A fill-in letter for the first pen pal letter exchange (3 versions—boy/boy, boy/girl, and girl/girl pen pal combination)
•My Favorites: Students will write and illustrate their favorite things
•This is Me: Picture frame illustration
•This is My Family: Picture frame illustration
•This is My School: Picture frame illustration
•12 Monthly/Seasonal Letter Templates: a set of seasonal stationary pen pals can use each month
•The Pen Pal Post (12 Editions): A monthly newsletter template for pen pals to share seasonal updates with each other
•Questions For Next Time: The 5 W’s speech bubble template for students to ask questions for next month’s letters
•Birthday Card: To send on your pen pal’s special day
•Envelope template: A fold & glue template for each letter
•12 Novelty Postage Stamps: 1 sheet of cut-apart stamps for each month, seasonally designed! (Also includes completely blank version with AND without “USA.”)

Please check out the preview to see all of the goodies you will get with this pack! Enjoy!

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