Reading Comprehension Posters {16 Targeted DRA Skills} - Elementary Education

Reading Comprehension Posters {16 Targeted DRA Skills}


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These reading comprehension posters target 16 reading skills found on assessments such as the DRA and other K-2 reading assessments. These detailed & visual posters come in color AND black & white versions for printer-friendly options. In addition, I have included fill-in pages for students to use in interactive reading/writing notebooks, assessment purposes, exit tickets, and other uses.

Each poster includes a term, definition, and visual example of the DRA reading skill targeted.

Skills include:
Main Idea
Connections (text-to-text, text-to-self, text-to-world)
Favorite Part
Context Clues
Author's Message
Problem & Solution
Making Predictions (Before & During reading)
Most Important Part
Making Inferences

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