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Summer Survival Kit For Parents {& Kids!}


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This survival kit is the perfect solution to those dreaded words, “I'm BORED.” This product is jam-packed with high-engagement, LOW PREP activities that will keep your kiddos busy and entertained all summer long. Includes a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that require minimal to no prep.

Boredom Busters: Place these 32 activity ideas in a Boredom Buster jar to choose from when your kids say, ā€œIā€™m bored.ā€ (Comes with 2 versions of a jar label)

My Summer Journal: Paste a list of 40 writing prompts into a notebook to keep your writer busy all summer long!

My Busy Book: Paste a list of 14 on-the-go games and activities that can be done in a notebook independently or with a sibling or friend.

Scavenger Hunt: 4 scavenger hunts include checklists of items to search for in the backyard, neighborhood, at the beach, zoo, or in nature.

Summer Olympics: Choose from a list of outdoor activities or choose your own for this competition. Includes templates to design your own medals for prizes.

Tower Power: Choose items around the house to build towers. See which materials work best, which build the tallest, and which towers use the most items.

Sink or Float?: Engage in a summer science experiment using a pool or sink and household items.

My Summer Bucket List: Fill out 10 summer goals using the prompts.

A Letter to My Teacher: Write a letter to your teacher to tell him or her about your summer!

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