The Perfect (& Free!) Way to Make New Year's Resolutions in Your Classroom - Elementary Education

The Perfect (& Free!) Way to Make New Year’s Resolutions in Your Classroom

New year, new you! Goal-setting is an exciting concept to discuss as we return to the classroom after a long and hopefully relaxing break. Turning over a new leaf is appealing to adults and kids alike; however, the concept of making resolutions can be rather abstract for our younger learners.

new year resolution hallway display

Goal-Setting in the Classroom

Goal-setting in the primary classroom is becoming increasingly important as we equip our students with tools to become independent problem-solvers, 21st century thinkers, and future leaders; but, like resolutions, this is a broad, complicated concept for our kids.

I had an epiphany one year when I introduced the more/less format to my students during our discussion of goals and resolutions. Together, we brainstormed activities and habits that would be beneficial to practice MORE, and things that we would benefit from by doing LESS. For example: more exercising, less television. More reading, less video games. You get the idea!

Creating More/Less New Year Resolutions

Once our classroom discussion had wrapped up, each student made a T-Chart on a small dry erase board. Students took time to reflect independently on ideas they valued as needing more of and less of in their lives.

Finally, these drops of wisdom were transferred to a simple More/Less paper. To brighten things up, students also decorated a party hat using materials I had on hand (puffy paint, markers…and glitter). This made it a bit messier, but our resolutions papers really popped in the hallway display. You can see their goal-setting for yourself below!

new year resolutions and goal setting pages for hallway display


goal setting student pages in hallway display
I hope this new year resolutions freebie brings your classroom mounds of joy, heaps of motivation, & endless dreams of a year filled with accomplishments!


*Side note: These are obviously pages from a previous year’s class. The file available to you is updated to reflect the new year of 2019.*
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