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Our 2020 School Decision + Why We Did What We Did

Our 2020 School Decision + Why We Did What We Did

300+ days.

That’s how long it’s been since our school district announced its decision to close schools for 2 weeks.

At the time, it seemed impossible to keep my preschooler home for 2 entire weeks when we were so accustomed to our routine and so in love with our school.

On March 12th, 2020, life as we knew it was about to change.

And if I’m being honest, if you would have told me he wouldn’t return to school until… (*checks calendar*, um who the hell knows?!)…I would have done some unspeakable things.

Yet here we are, 300,000 days later, alive (really the only thing that matters), and perhaps even more in love with each other than in March (as it turns out, 24/7 proximity also makes the heart grow fonder).

Beginning Our Homeschooling Journey (How It Started)

We realized one of the major benefits of homeschooling was making our own schedule; which, as it turns out, is not something we should be trusted to do, ever.

We moseyed on into the school year on September 17th, 3.5 weeks after our district schools began. 

In fact, if I’m being honest, this is the first picture from my camera roll on our first day of school, in which my entire family slept a whole hour later than usual.

But it’s okay, because I had a plan. We even had s p e c i a l s planned out. Monday was P.E., Tuesday was Art…it was a whole thing. To prove to you that we had it all together at the beginning, here is our first day of school picture (taken conveniently 2 weeks after our first day of school). It was October. It’s fine.

Continuing Our Homeschooling Journey (How It's Going)

It was decided that I’d teach Teddy, our kindergartener. Billy would teach Annie, our preschooler. Splitting the two up and teaching them separately has been a game-changer on certain days when it is abundantly clear from the moment we wake up that our two children were not meant to co-mingle in this house. Separation is our friend. However, as the year wore on, it became more and more enjoyable to combine the two learning experiences. 

Teddy’s been working a lot on reading, writing, and math enrichment. Annie’s focus has been on learning her letters and numbers, and growing her counting skills. We’ve also left plenty of time open for play since that is one key component I know for a fact they will miss when they go to school next year. 

Some days are really easy. And some days are just plain hard (see Exhibit A below). 😂

Several months in, I can’t say I have much expertise to lend on the homeschooling front, as this was very much a forced decision and not one we would have otherwise made. 

However, I can tell you we’ve been pleasantly surprised! It was much easier, calmer, and enjoyable than Billy or I expected.

It also helped a TON that I already had tons of Kindergarten and 1st grade resources from my years as a teacher and now a resource creator. In fact, it has been nice having a built-in guinea pig for newer products that I’ve been able to develop thanks to my one-on-one instruction with my son. In our time together, I’ve developed sight word and phonics systems that are going to save a lot of teachers a lot of time.

But that’s a story for another post! I’ll leave you with a photo dump to see what we’ve been up to lately.

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