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3 Place Value Games for 2nd Grade That Are Fun

If you’re looking for some place value games for 2nd Grade that are both educational and fun, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we will discuss three different games that your students can play to help them learn about place value. These games are not only entertaining, but they also help students develop a concrete understanding of the concept. So without further ado, let’s get started!

place value games for 2nd grade

Place Value Game for Partners: Scoot

This place value game is a perfect way to review place value with your students! This game can be played with partners or the whole class, and it’s a great way to review place value concepts. Students will travel from desk to desk (with a partner or solo) to answer the question on the task card at that desk.

Where to find Scoot: Scoot is available for purchase on TpT or you can make your own! Here is a link to view all search results for free place value games for 2nd grade. Scoot is a great game to play with task card sets, and for those I cannot recommend Minds in Bloom on TpT enough.

Place Value Game for the Entire Class: Knockout

Knockout is a place value game that can be played with the entire class. It is a great way to review place value and can be used as an assessment tool. Here is how you play:

  1. To start, divide your class into 2 single file lines
  2. Display the first slide. The player at the front of his/her line faces off against the player from the other team: the first player to answer his/her question correctly wins and returns to the end of the line.
  3. The player who does not win goes to sit on the team “bench” to cheer on the team!

BUT WAIT. That’s not all. If a player faces these slides, the following could happen:

•Double Free Pass: Both players automatically get to stay in the game!

•Double Knockout: Both players are automatically out!

•Knockout/Free Pass: One player goes, and one stays!

•Pick a Pal: Choose a player from the bench to return to the game!

•Knockout/Pick a Pal: One player goes, and the other chooses a friend to return!

The game ends when one team has no players remaining. It’s seriously the best. You can download this place value Knockout game for free here, and check out all the Knockout games here. (It’s a rabbit hole. A very deep, very fun rabbit hole. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Bonus: Here’s is an article I wrote about the rules of Knockout in more detail.

Build/Write/Draw– Simply call out a number and students must build, write, or draw it on a dry erase board. Equip each student with some base ten blocks, a dry erase marker, and dry erase board and you’ve got yourself a great place value game for 2nd graders!

Place Value Games for 2nd Grade to Get Wiggles Out: Make a Move

This game will get your heart pumping and the wiggles out! The great part about this ‘game’ is that it teeeechnically isn’t a game so there is no winner—but it’s interactive, fun, and downright wonderful.

Each game will feature different movements but we’ll take a look at the place value one first (for obvious reasons):

The goal is for the game is to choose your movement FIRST. Then, whichever math question appears in front of that movement on the next slide, you answer.

In this case, students call out the place of the green number (ones, tens, hundreds).

You can download this exact game for free here!

Place Value Games for 2nd Grade: Honorable Mentions:

  • Fluency + Fitness
  • Place Value 4 Corners (place labels for tens, ones, hundreds, and thousands in each corner)
  • I’m Thinking of a Number (encourage questions for clues like “does it have more than 5 tens?”)
  • Place Value Freeze Dance (play music andwhen it stops, students have to call out the number of base ten blocks you’ve placed under the document camera–or have drawn on the board).

So there you have it! Our top place value games for second grade. These games are sure to help your students understand place value and have fun while doing it. Do you have a favorite place value game? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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