A Very Plymouth Potluck {A FREE Interactive Thanksgiving Feast Treat} - Elementary Education

A Very Plymouth Potluck {A FREE Interactive Thanksgiving Feast Treat}


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This Thanksgiving Feast treat is the perfect way to celebrate the harvest with your little Pilgrims and Native Americans. Students will create Pilgrim and/or Native American headwear using the templates included and engage in a First Thanksgiving Feast by creating the following potluck recipe together:

Fish: Goldfish crackers
Corn: Popcorn
Berries: Craisins
Potatoes: Potato chips
Pumpkins: Cheese Balls
Stuffing: Croutons
Pies: Nilla Wafers

Students will read a poem together about the creation of this recipe and take turns dumping in cups full of each ingredient. You can choose to keep ingredients separate or make them into a Thanksgiving Stew of sorts 🙂 Then, the group can feast together and bond over friendship while giving thanks for a wonderful year together so far 🙂

In addition, students can enjoy the graphing activity they can use to graph the number of each ingredient included in their servings, as well as a writing activity that encourage them to write about their favorite and least favorite ingredient in the potluck treat 🙂


Erin Waters

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