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**Free Afternoon Meeting Sample: All descriptions below refer to the full product found HERE**

Similar to morning meetings, afternoon meetings are a way to wrap up the day; often times, these can involve a lot of prep and planning. Are your afternoons a rushed, hectic hot mess? Afternoon meetings have saved my afternoons! Instead of rushing my kids out the door, we now have time to spend quality time together to reflect on the day and celebrate our successes together in a calm, uplifting way!
This electronic afternoon meeting product is pre-planned so you have 20 weeks* of afternoon meeting right at your fingertips! ZERO prep, and editable to fit your needs! The best part? NO PRINTING, NO PAPER—it’s all on your whiteboard in colorful displays for students to engage in each component of afternoon meeting!

This product listed contains ONE WEEK of afternoon meetings so you can try before you buy the whole product HERE

The full afternoon meeting pack is organized into 20 weeks* of Afternoon Meeting sessions. Each week includes 5 days. Each day includes:

Intro Slide
Days of the week are brightly displayed to signal the start of your afternoon wrap-up meeting.

Students get creative! Students will follow the directions on the slide to quickly sketch a piece of your day on the interactive whiteboard or on individual dry erase whiteboards—10 unique snapshot slides included PLUS an EDITABLE template to create your own!

Share topics encourage students to share in whole class, small group, or partner settings to discuss a part of their day. Fun daily themes include Make it Count Monday, Two Cents Tuesday, 5 W’s Wednesday, Thoughtful Thursday, and Fill-in-the-Blank Friday–30 unique share slides included PLUS an EDITABLE template to create your own!

This is a chance for students to recognize and celebrate their peers’ positive choices and actions from the day through a variety of creative cheers, chants, and celebrations–10 unique shout-out slides included PLUS an EDITABLE template to create your own!

This reflection piece encourages students to reflect on both positive areas and need for improvement from the day; students will examine emotions, accomplishments, mistakes, and more through fun, interactive reflection prompts–10 unique reflection slides included PLUS an EDITABLE template to create your own!

Highs & Lows
Students will use a variety of images to identify the high and low point from their day–5 unique shout-out slides included PLUS an EDITABLE template to create your own!

Over 20 fun ways to say good-bye, including speaking other languages, doing silly partner rhymes, and fun cheers and chants–21 unique shout-out slides included PLUS an EDITABLE template to create your own!

*The full version of this product found here is organized into 20 weeks of afternoon meetings. Once the 20th week is used, you may start again at the beginning to finish out the 2nd part of the year. This design was planned purposely: by exposing the students to a collection of familiar prompts, the expectations remain consistent and there is not a brand new set of directions given daily. No week’s schedule is the same, and students are only exposed to repeating prompts every 2 weeks or more.*

This afternoon meeting model is designed to be quick & efficient. Each day’s outline contains an average of 10 minutes—that’s it! Snapshot, Share, Shout-out, Reflection, Highs & Lows, & Salutation components are designed to allow the teacher to set the time limit—they can go for as long or as short as you’d like!

This format is predictable for students, which makes expectations clear and consistent and lowers the amount of time spent asking and answering questions about directions each day.

Included in this pack, you will receive:
•20 weeks of morning meetings (700 pages—that’s 7 slides per day of school)
•Afternoon Meeting User Guide
Editable templates for Snapshot, Share, Shout-out, Reflection, Highs & Lows, & Salutation slides!

This comes as a PDF file as well as a PowerPoint file: with the PowerPoint file, you can add, delete, change order of slides, or create & edit your own! The PDF file contains the exact same content but is not editable in any way.

This product will calm your afternoons and build your classroom community, engagement, and relationships!

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