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Interactive Poetry Notebook Bundle {48 Weeks of K-2 Poems & Activities}


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This interactive poetry notebook for K-2 can be used the entire year and includes 48 poems, each with a week's worth of activities, poetry stations, writing extensions, vocabulary-building, foldables, and more!

These original poems reinforce over 100 K-2 skills and contain spiral review throughout the year. Check out the preview to view an entire list of skills, as well as the contents of this pack.

This 370+ page pack contains:
•48 original poems, and with each weekly poem, you will receive:
•Reflection activities
•Vocabulary-building activities
•Poetry stations
•Writing extension
•Word work/writing foldable activity
•Small & large version of poem

In addition, you also receive:
•Poetry PowWOW cards (Poetry Talk Task Cards for student discussion)
•Pocket for extra parts
•Pocket for PowWOW cards
•Seasonal & generic poetry notebook covers
•Printing tips
•Setup & organization tips and photos
•A-Z student glossary for notebooks

Check out the preview for a full list of skills covered, 48 weekly themes, and detailed information & photos about this pack!

Also, visit HERE to get a FREE sample of one week of this poetry journal!

This pack is a compilation of all 12 of my interactive notebooks, which is a $48 purchase if bought separately. By purchasing this bundle, you are saving $23 (that is 1/3 off the entire price!)

Or purchase monthly notebooks separately:
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