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Math Fact Fluency [No Frills Addition & Subtraction]


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This math fact fluency product will grow your students’ addition & subtraction fact fluency leaps and bounds while keeping math stations engaging, exciting, and hands-on! Mess-less, stress-less, and (almost) paperless! A year's worth of fluency prompts, flashcards, quick assessments, and progress trackers will engage your students, make them self-driven, and encourage fun!

Prompts are organized to cut down on teacher direction-giving time during the busy math time. The electronic and/or reusable option of the prompts creates a COPY-LESS product for teachers! Students simply respond to prompts daily in their math journals and/or using math materials already found in K-2 classrooms!

Included in this all-year fact fluency system, you will receive:
25+ Fluency Prompts: These fluency tasks promote math fact practice in a fun, engaging way; for use as whiteboard prompts, printed posters, or fluency rings; Includes EDITABLE: format!
*Each prompt also includes an example answer so students can clearly see the format expected.*
30+ Fluency 5 Activities: A set of 5-minute math fact fluency warm-ups done as a class to kick off your math block; Includes EDITABLE: format!
30+ sets of addition & subtraction flashcards Includes all addition & subtraction facts with solutions within 20 (Ideal for K-2!) Includes EDITABLE: format!
30+ Quick Checks: 1-minute assessments done weekly to determine fact proficiency. Includes EDITABLE: format!
Grading Tools: Answer keys for all quick checks and grading stickers
Whole Class Progress Tracker: Whiteboard-based gold star grid!
Individual Progress Tracker: Student-led sticker charts for tracking weekly growth. Includes EDITABLE: format!
Parent Letter Introduction of fact fluency system and its components. Includes EDITABLE: format!
20-page How-To Guide All you need to set up this flawless system in your classroom!
Notebook & Flashcard Bag Labels For streamlined organization; Includes EDITABLE: format!
25+ Fluency Prompts:
30+ Fluency 5 Activities:

This format is predictable for students, which makes expectations clear and consistent and lowers the amount of time spent asking and answering questions about directions each day.

Math facts covered in this system include:
•+0, -0 (Solutions within 10)
•+1, -1 (Solutions within 10)
•+2, -2 (Solutions within 10)
•+3, -3 (Solutions within 10)
•+4, -4 (Solutions within 10)
•+5, -5 (Solutions within 10)
•+6, -6 (Solutions within 10)
•+7, -7 (Solutions within 10)
•+8, -8 (Solutions within 10)
•+9, -9 (Solutions within 10)
•+10, -10 (Solutions within 10)
•Doubles Addition
•Doubles Subtraction
•Doubles +1
•+10, -10 (Solutions within 20)
•+11, -11 (Solutions within 20)
•+12, -12 (Solutions within 20)
•+13, -13 (Solutions within 20)
•+14, -14 (Solutions within 20)
•+15, -15 (Solutions within 20)
•+16, -16 (Solutions within 20)
•+17, -17 (Solutions within 20)
•+18, -18 (Solutions within 20)
•+19, -19 (Solutions within 20)
•+20, -20 (Solutions within 20)

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